Pakistan Day (Flag Hoisting Ceremony)

On 22nd March, Friday in Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College conducted a flag hoisting ceremony in remembrance of Pakistan Day on 23rd March. After Jumma prayers the faculty including the Principal and major administrative staff gathered in front of roundabout of college and Principal Maj Gen. (R ) Prof. Dr. Hamid Shafiq HI (M) opened the ceremony with hoisting Pakistan flag followed by minute of silence at the time of display of national anthem and regards giving honor to the Flag of Pakistan as it rose above the pole to stand with the college flag.

After the flag hoisting Qarisb prayed for the wellbeing of the soldiers working day and night in protection of Pakistan as well as for all the other people attending the prayer. This was followed by brief walk with flags held by the faculty in the college premises. Refreshment continued later on to close the ceremony.