One of the host of medical sciences, Pharmacology can be defined as the study of the effects of the drugs on the function of living systems. Pharmacology is one of the main subjects of 3rd professional MBBS. It includes the study of major classes of clinically important drugs currently used in medical practice. The course covers Fundamental principles of drugs action and various mechanisms by which drugs can mediate their pharmacological effects, principles of pharmacokinetics that modify the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs in the body.

The students acquire understanding of rationale behind designing different dosage regimens in specific patient populations, understanding of patient characteristics that can affect the response of the drug and undesirable effects of the drug. The department of Pharmacology has competent and skillful faculty members striving hard to achieve the highest level of excellence.

A good physician has to be a good pharmacologist. With well-qualified and experienced faculty guiding them, students can look forward to an interesting learning experience. Pharmacology Department has a fully equipped laboratory that provides the resources for practical training in experimental pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacy.

The pharmacology museum has a collection of all possible salts that are used in the preparation of drugs.It also has samples of drugs by Generic as well as by trade names. The department of Pharmacology at AFMDC aims;

–          To attain the highest level of glory and excellence in the field of pharmacology through quality teaching and practical learning.

–     To make this department to produce highly competent doctors so that they may serve for the benefit of humanity and contribute to the development of nation.

–          To provide the students with the solid grounding in the basic concepts and scientific underpinnings of pharmacology.

–          To provide the students with comprehensive introduction to pharmacology.

–          To create an environment conducive for learning.

–          To produce high quality professionals through teaching and practical knowledge.

Department of pharmacology has two offices, on well-equipped laboratory and auditorium with modern teaching facilities like projector and multimedia. Lector hall has got seating capacity for almost 150 students. The laboratory has the capacity for more than 60 students. Department is also provided with computer facility in order to maintain the record and preparing lectures.

There is a museum of pharmacology having herbal medicines, a traditional way of curing diseases. Different dosage form of drugs like tablets, capsules, syrups are displayed for students. Different medicines currently in use are also displayed according to their specific classification.