Our body is nothing short of an amazing machine. No machine ever constructed can perform even a minutest body-like function as effectively as our bodies can do. Physiology aims to understand the fascinating mechanisms of our body. Human physiology studies how our cells, muscles and organs work together, how they interact. Physiology, sometimes referred to as “the science of life”, looks at living mechanisms from molecular basis of cell function to the whole integrated behavior of the entire body. Our shared vision is to develop high quality professionals to pursue the excellence in the field of medicine and surgery.

Our mission here at the department of Physiology AFMDC is

–           To provide theoretical and practical knowledge/skills through quality teaching.

–        To provide standard education and practical skills and to impart undergraduate students a quality education to cope up with theinternational standards.

–          Communicate clearly and in a way that reflects knowledge and understandings of the human body.

The Physiology is well equipped with all necessary equipment along with latest power lab. It has the capacity of more than 50 students. The department has also computer facility to maintain departmental record, prepare lecture slides and demonstrate audiovisual CDs. Teaching strategy includes interactive lecture, small group tutorial, and practical to provide flexible multi method learning opportunities. Students are continuously assessed depending upon their performance throughout the year. Seminar and quiz are also conducted and arranged to involve the students and to increase their interest level. Teachers focus on self-expression, discovery and enthusiasm among learners.