Medical Education

The department of Medical Education is working for research, integration and in time covering of curriculum, introducing new teaching methods, innovation of modern learning modules and techniques, introducing and applying new assessment and evaluation methods for examining the students. Presently, the department of Medical Education is working very efficiently on CME and CPD under the guidance of PMDC through University Of Health Sciences and has conducted a lot of CME workshops of higher standards.

This department is published the newsletter and 1st magazine of the college. DME is working on professional and personality building of students and faculty through academic and co-curricular activities. The department is playing a role in establishing good relationship between parents, teachers and students. The DME is the vital department in interlinking all the basic and clinical department according toPakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) rules and regulations.

In today’s world medical education is rapidly changing field reflecting the pace of technological advancements in healthcare. The Department of Medical Education (DME) at AFMDC was established in 2012 in response to these emergent trends in educational delivery and aligning them with the vision and mission of AFMDC. Since its inception, the DME is committed to provide Continuing Medical Educational/Clinico Pathological Conference (CME/CPC) and training facilities for its faculty and students, in addition to introducing student support services.

A comprehensive faculty development program through regular workshops ensures that the academicians are abreast of the latest skills necessary for teaching/learning and assessment. Since its creation, it has been striving to promote friendly institutional environment and regularly helping and monitoring teaching , learning and assessment activities. The future plan is video links and on line facilities for registration, CME and e-learning. A dedicated, experienced faculty and staff is the main asset of the department. The DME has developing collaboration with leading medical institutions.