Discipline Rules

Code of Conduct

All the students will have to strictly follow the general rules and regulations of the college which are related to the campus, Hospital and Hostel. Their violations are discussed by Disciplinary Committee.

Dress Code

The wearing of prescribed uniform has peculiar importance in medical profession and all the students must take pride in their identity.

Attendance Each student must insure at least 75% attendance in lectures, practical and clinics which is mandatory for appearing in the university examinations. Students failing to fulfill 75% attendance criteria will not be allowed to appear in the Annual UHS Exams.

Academic Performance

The performance records of internal and university examination of students are continuously monitored to judge their requisite suitability for continuation of medical education at the college. Unsatisfactory academic performance leads to appropriate action against the concerned individual.

Class Discipline

Teachers and students maintain a highly professional interaction in the sessions which is a very distinct feature of college and the same has to be continued at all times. Students must switch off their cell phones before they enter the lecture room, laboratory, library and wards.


The maintenance of a safe and secure environment in the campus, Hospital and Hostels has immense importance in a professional institute. The college accords the highest priority to this vital aspect.

Attitude & Behavior

The students are completely facilitated to devote themselves in their professional studies and expected to shun unwanted societal trends. The possession and use of weapons and substance of abuse, keeping of objectionable materials and pets, smoking etc are totally forbidden in the campus, hospital and hostels.

Politics and Religion

The involvement of the students in any sort of political, sectarian, ethnic and other such activities in campus, hospital and hostel is viewed zero tolerance by the college administration.

Moral and Ethics

The students must essentially display the highest moral and ethical standard at the college and hostel.

Disciplinary Action

The decisions taken by the Principal and disciplinary Committee against students for violating the code of conduct will be final and can include immediate rustication, disallowing to apply for university examination roll number or expulsion from college.

Hostel Discipline

Our excellent hostel buildings equipped with the modern facilities have been recently constructed to ensure a student friendly environment with comfortable living standard. The hostilities are expected to enjoy their stay without any distraction and disturbance.
The hostel wardens facilitate the maintenance of a congenial environment and living of students in a discipline manner.

College and Government Property

The care and safety of all the property used by students will be ensured by themselves by preventing any willful damage, loss or theft.

Liaison with Parents / Guardians

Parents / Guardians will be kept informed of the academic performance of the students on regular basis.

Law and Security

The laws of country and the common rules about security of information, men and materials regarding Armed Forces will be strictly followed by the students. The security officer of college and hospital will be apprising them on need basis.

Disciplinary Actions

Various disciplinary actions taken by the committee according to the nature and degree of violation of rules by the students after the deliberations of committee will be as under: –

  • Withdrawal from College rolls.
  • Cancellation of hostel allotment
  • cancellation of leave
  • cash fines
  • extra Library sitting
  • ban to visit cafeteria and hostels
  • formal warnings to students with information to Parents / Guardians
  • Disallowing to apply for examination roll number.