Hostel facility is available on Campus for Girls and Boys. Both the hostels are totally segregated and separate with no connection at all.

The girls hostel currently has a capacity of 500 students, of which 150 beds are occupied by the students of Session  2011-12. A capacity of another 150 is reserved for the Session 2012-13. The hostel consists of twin sharing room, three sharing room all with attached bathrooms.

The hostel has its own dining room, TV lounge, students Kitchen, guest room and the warden’s room. Ayas are available round the clock to serve the students. Washing and ironing facility is available against a small payment.
Tailor shop, beautician shop, gym and Tuck Shop are planned and are in the process of coming up within the Hostel compound.

The Boys Hostel has a capacity of 500 students of which 100 are occupied by the  2011-12 sessions. Another  or so will join in from the 2012-13 session. Both the hostels have dedicated electric and water supply. Back-up generators supply electricity during Load Shedding.
Students are allowed to have a small sized refrigerator and a air cooler at extra charge of electricity expense which is monitored through individual room meters.

Three spacious hostels with all services including boarding facility, for girls and boys, to accommodate nearly 600 students, are available adjacent to the college premises.

Security staff remains alert on duty for 24 hours. Transport has been provided for hostilities for their clinical work in affiliated hospital.

The hostel atmosphere is calm, quietand conducive to studying. The security and comfort of the students always remain our prime objective. Two 200-kVA of 200 KVA have been installed in the Hostels as a stand by arrangement in case the Wapda source of electricity breaks down. An internee’s Hostel to accommodate 292 internees has been constructed.

Hostels are supervised by Senior teaching faculty members.

1. Hostel charges are non refundable

2. Hostel charges are to be paid for the entire academic year

3. Security charges (Rs. 30,000/-) are refundable

4. Hostel timings, visit timings to be followed strictly

5. In case a student wants to avail relaxation in reporting time, a written permission is to be obtained a day prior to the programme. The address and contact number are to be left with the hostel authorities, Failure to do abide by these rules will result in marking an absent and disciplinary action will be taken in accordance result.

6. Hostilities desirous of meeting the warden can do so between 09:00 pm – 11:00 pm daily. (Except in emergency, when they can contact the warden at any time)

7. First aid facilities are available in the hostel; and ambulance is also available if required.

8. A complaint register is available with the house keeper. Students can meet the house keeper in hostel office from 06:00 pm to 11:00 pm daily.

9. Tube lights and Fans are provided in all rooms. However, subsequent replacement is residents own responsibility.

10. Unauthorized use of electric appliances is punishable with double the normal rates as fine.

11. Asst. Warden is authorized to impose fine on a hostelite who is found to violate hostel rules and regulations.

12. The Asst. Warden is competent to expel an hostelite who is defaulter of hostel dues.

13. The cost of damage to the hostel property caused by a hostelite will be recovered from him.

14. For the purpose of use of electric appliances the seasons are defined as under:-

                     Summer                 from 15 April to 15 October

                     Winter                    from 16 October to 14 April

15. The charge for the use of electric appliances will be paid by user in advance for one season.

16. Stay of guest in the hostel is not allowed.

                     Summer                 04:00 pm – 09:00 pm

                     Winter                    03:00 pm – 08:00 pm

                     Sunday                  09:00 am – 09-:00 pm