Community Medicine

This department imparts Community Oriented Medical Education (COME) and Community Based Medical Education which enables the medical students to appreciate disease not just in an individual patient but also to have a holistic approach regarding the spectrum of disease in the whole community. This renders the doctor even more useful to the society as then he may treat only one individual but prevents hundreds and thousands from the same disease.

The department museum is well equipped with required models, specimens and equipment for practical demonstrations and tutorials. Field visits of places of public health importance, household surveys and research work is being arranged regularly. The department has a lecture hall which can accommodate above 150 students, 3 offices and a beautiful museum for practical training of students. The department also has computer facility to maintain department records and to prepare lectures, slides and demonstrations. The staff is involved in teaching community medicine to 4 Year MBBS class through lectures, tutorials, presentations and field visits.

Close and excellent student-teacher relationship is maintained to produce excellent doctors. The teaching is done with the most modern methods i.e. with the help of latest audiovisual aids like multimedia & projectors, achieving excellent results. Since teaching is an ongoing process, the faculty members participate in various workshops and seminars are supervised by experts of national repute to refresh and update their knowledge. Research has been made compulsory for the students of 4 year MBBS by UHS, so the students are trained for research paper writing by giving them regular assignments having reference from most modern journals under supervision.