International Workshop of Innovative Educational Methodologies

By University of Health Sciences Lahore in collaboration with British Council Pakistan and Sheffield University, UK.

This was an International workshop for three days one day (online) session on 15th November 2022 and two days (face to face sessions) on 17thand 18th November 2022 on “Innovative Educational Methodologies”. It was a joint venture of UHS British Council and Sheffield University, UK organized by Department of Medical Education at Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College, Faisalabad for the participants from all Medical Colleges of Faisalabad and Sargodha Division.

Day 1 (Online Session):

The First day was online session held on Tuesday, 15th November 2022. The topic was “Transformational Learning” facilitated by Dr. Amir Burney and Dr. Ben Jackson from Sheffield University, UK. The session started with the introduction of participants and the brief introduction of facilitators. After this Facilitators started presentation on “Transformational Learning” and discussed its significance later he divided the participants in groups and assigned task for group activity. After the allotted time, the representative from each group presented the crux of their group discussion. A comprehensive discussion regarding the task took place during which the facilitators clarified the ambiguities of participants from time to time. The session included two group activities before lunch and one activity after lunch along with two presentations from the facilitators. The session ended with a brief reflection from the participants about their learning experience and feedback from facilitators regarding the participation of participants.

Day 2 (Face to Face session 1):

The Second day was face to face session held on Thursday, 17th November 2022 at Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College, Faisalabad. The day began with the opening ceremony for which all participants from Faisalabad and Sargodha Division were welcomed and gathered in Lecture Hall # 6 at AFMDC. The ceremony begins with the recitation of Holy Quran, after this Dr. Ayesha Sadiq (HOD Medical Education Department) welcomed the prestigious guests on behalf of entire management of Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College, Faisalabad. She talked about the significance of this workshop and appreciated the initiative of Faculty Development by University of Health Sciences, Lahore. Then she called Principal AFMDC Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed on stage for his welcome note. After that participants were requested to move to the Conference Room AFMDC for workshop. Workshop topic for 17th November was “Blended Learning” and Facilitator was Prof. Dr. Sumera Ehsan (Chairperson Medical Education Department, FMU). Dr. Sumera Ehsan initiated the session with her introduction and later a brief presentation regarding “What Blended Learning is?” Then she divided participants into four groups and assigned group activity. She provided hard copy of four articles related to “Blended Learning” one to each group and asked them to read, discuss and prepare presentation of key concepts. After group discussion the representatives of each group presented their task, which help in further clarification of concepts related to “Blended Learning” for the participants.

Tea was served during the session, and after that the facilitator assigned another group activity to the participants regarding “Designing a Module on Blended Learning” group wise. This activity was very thought provoking and needs a lot of brainstorming for creating a module on blended learning. Lunch was served after completing the task.

After lunch each group presented their module and was discussed thoroughly by the facilitator as well as participants. Dr. Sumera Ehsan critically analyzed each and every aspect of module development and also suggested the participants about improvements to be made for implementation, keeping in view the minor details.


Day 3 (Face to Face session 2):

The Third day was face to face session held on Friday, 18th November 2022 at Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College, Faisalabad. On last day of Workshop LT. COL. (R) Dr. Khalid Rahim (Director Medical Education & International Linkages University of Health Sciences, Lahore) also joined the workshop and appreciated the facilitation provided by Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College, Faisalabad for organizing this event.

The third day workshop topic was “Problem Based Learning” and Facilitator was Dr. Ambreen Khalid (Associate Professor, Shalamar Medical College, Lahore). She started the workshop with a comprehensive presentation on PBL. After the presentation she divided the participants into four groups and assigned them scenarios on PBL and asked them to read carefully and identify the triggers in the given scenarios. After this group activity each group presented their work. After completion of presentation and interactive discussion she assigned the 2nd group activity in which she asked the participants to make PBL scenarios by their own. Participants prepared and presented their work. The facilitator analyzed the scenarios and give feedback for improvement. At the end the reading material regarding PBL was shared with the participants. The facilitator asked to read the articles group wise and clear their ambiguities if any?. A detailed discussion took place at the end regarding PBL, facilitated by Dr. Ambreen and Dr. Khalid Raheem. After discussion the session was closed for Jummah prayer.

After Jummah break closing ceremony took place in Lecture Hall # 6. Session closed with a vote of Thanks by worthy Principal AFM&DC Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed and Honorable Chief Guest LT. COL. (R) Dr. Khalid Rahim (Director Medical Education & International Linkages University of Health Sciences, Lahore).

After this certificate distribution ceremony took place and certificates to participants were awarded by the Principal AFM&DC, DGM Admin &HR AFM&DC, and Chief Guest LT. COL. (R) Dr. Khalid Rahim Khan. Shields were awarded to Principal AFM&DC and Head of Medical Education Department by LT. COL. (R) Dr. Khalid Rahim Khan on behalf of Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences, Lahore Prof. Dr. Ahsan Waheed Rathore for appreciation of their proactive facilitation on behalf of Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College, Faisalabad.

At the end of the ceremony group photo of all participants with Principal AFM&DC, DGM Admin &HR AFM&DC, Chief Guest LT. COL. (R) Dr. Khalid Rahim Khan and Facilitator Dr. Ambreen Khalid was taken.

The lunch was served in the honor of respected guests, facilitator and participants at the end.