The Convocation committee was constituted during last academic council meeting on 12-1-2022 giving them the responsibility of conducting the Convocation during the last week of March of 2022.Subcommittees were constituted consisting of Registration committee, committee responsible for invitation, procurement & purchase committee, disciplinary committee responsible for seating plan & discipline of convocation arena, entry & exit of academic procession. Stage committee was responsible for stage setting, awarding of degrees & medal, procurement of medals, shields and souvenirs and distinction certificates. In addition to faculty of department of Anatomy, Dr. Madiha Malik from Pathology department & Dr. Uzma Sagheer from Community Medicine were included in convocation committee. Subcommittee under the Supervision of Dr. Uzma Sagheer was responsible for IT & audiovisual arrangement preparing short videos, backdrops, streamers, & animations for convocation

Several Meetings of Convocation Committee were held to

  1. Plan & arrange programme of
  2. To Design backdrops, Certificates &
  3. To decide about the colour & design of academic regalia.
  4. To rehearse    the   sequence    of   events   in    the
  5. To ensure to procure all the things for convocation before

The process of registration started almost a month before the start of convocation, 3rd (2013- 2018), 4th (2014-2019), & 5th (2015-2020) batches were included in the registration process. WhatsApp groups of all three batches were created & informed them about the process of registration by sharing a Google form in each group. 75 graduates from 5th Batch, 57 graduates from 4th Batch & 39 graduates from 3rd Batch were registered for degrees & awards before the convocation.

The candidates who could not attend the Convocation were awarded  the degrees in absentia. The Convocation was held on Monday, 28/3/2022 at Sitara Marquee by Taj Mahal.  A  registration desk was  set up at the entrance where registration of candidates,  issuing  of gowns & issuing of cards were done at the time of Convocation. 67graduates from 5th Batch, 48 graduates from 4th Batch & 38 graduates from 3rd Batch attended the Convocation.

On the Stage Seven Chairs were placed for Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Javed Akram, VC UHS, Guest of Honour Prof. Dr. Zafar Ali Choudhary, VC FMU, Chairman Board of Trustee, Mian Muhammad Adrees, Principal AFMDC, Prof. Dr. Noor Akbar Sial, Chairman Organizing Committee, Prof. Dr. Quddus Ur Rehman, Member Board of Trustee Mian Muhammad Anees & one for Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Javed. A table was set for degrees, Medals, shields & certificates beside the stage which was organized by Dr. Madiha Malik.

Behind the stage an SMD screen of 30×10 feet in the centre & two SMD screens (6×10) on the sides of central screen were installed. Central screen was both live & still while side screens were only for still pictures. In addition, there were two more SMD screens measuring 10×10 for live streaming on side aisles so that guests sitting at the back can view the ceremony easily. The seating plan was for 700 guests while almost 650 guests turned up in the convocation.

The registration for students started at 08:00 AM. The guests occupied their seats at 09:30 am Academic Procession entered the convocation arena at 11:10 AM followed by National Anthem. The convocation was declared opened at11:20 am by Vice chancellor university of health sciences, Lahore. Qari Muhammad Rehan recited verses from Surah Alaq with Urdu translation. It was followed by Naat-i-Rasool Maqbool (SAW) by Fazeel Tahir from 2nd Year MBBS. After that Principal AFMDC Prof. Dr. Noor Akbar Sial gave his Welcome address. Prof. Dr. Noor Akbar Sial welcomed the distinguished guests & congratulated the graduates & parents. He briefly described the merit policy of college & results of different professional Examinations. He also mentioned about the affiliated institutions of AFMDC like nursing college, college of allied health sciences and college of paramedics. He briefly described the history of college and progress it made over a decade.

The Vice Chancellor UHS Prof. Dr. Javed Akram conferred the degrees on the graduands present in the convocation arena. Principal AFMDC administered the oath to the graduates of 3rd, 4th , & 5th batches, After wards, graduates of 3rd, 4th & 5th batches received their degrees, 67 graduates from 5th Batch, 48 graduates from 4th Batch & 38 graduates from 3rd Batch received their degrees. The graduates who could not attend the convocation were awarded their degrees in absentia.

6 gold medal, 5 silver medals & 6 bronze medals and 15 distinction certificates were given to high achievers of 3rd batch. 25 distinction certificates were given to 4th batch graduates. In addition, 6 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 5 bronze medals were awarded to high achievers of 4th batch.27 distinction certificates were given to 5th batch graduates. 6 gold medals, 6 silver & 5 bronze medals were also given to the high Achievers of 5th batch.6 graduates from 4th batch did not receive their distinction certificates & while 3 graduates did not receive their Medals. In 3rd Batch one graduate did not receive distinction certificate. In 5th batch 2 graduates did not receive their distinction certificates.

It was followed by the address of Mr. Mian Muhammad Adrees who emphasized the fact that college should progress in terms of its academics & services to humanity.

He also laid stress on the fact that AFMDC must be at par with the leading institutions of Pakistan like Agha Khan University. The managing Trustee of AFMDC Mr. Mian Muhammad Adrees also emphasized that Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College with its affiliated hospital is a blessing for the people of Faisalabad. Modern medical facilities are being added to our Hospital with the passage of time.

The Address of guest of honour Prof. Dr. Zafar Ali Choudhary followed the address of Mr. Mian Muhammad Adrees. His address was full of hope & optimism & he emphasized the fact that college should attain further glory &  make  further  progress. He mentioned that due to growing population, the need for doctors is increasing rapidly. The private sector is playing an important role to help cater to the deficiency of doctors in this regard.

At the end Prof. Dr. Javed Akram addressed the convocation ceremony. He congratulated the graduates, parents & high achievers. He further emphasized the importance of celebrating little joys in our life & laid stress on extracurricular activities & along with studies. He explained how the research work can be promoted in our country so that we can discover new methodologies to treat our patients.



Souvenirs & shields were presented to chief guest and guest of honour by Mian Muhammad Adrees. Shield was also presented to  Mr.  Mian Muhammad Adrees (CEO Sitra Chemical) By VC UHS Prof Dr. Javed Akram. Souvenirs were also presented to Principal AFMDC Prof. Dr. Noor Akber Sial, Mr. Mian Muhammad Anees, Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Javed & Chairman Organizing Committee Prof. Dr. Quddus Ur Rehman.

Vote of thanks was presented at the end by Prof. Dr. Quddus  Ur  Rehman Chairman Organizing Committee. He thanked the chief guest and guest of honour for gracing the event. He extended his gratitude to entire management of AFMDC, organizing committee, and other people involved in  arrangements  of  convocation. Academic procession departed from the convocation arena after the Vice Chancellor University of Health sciences, Prof Dr. Javed Akram declared the convocation closed. Group Photographs of 5th, 4th & 3rd batches were taken with chief guest, guest of honour, Board of Trustees, Faculty members and Principal AFMDC. After the group photographs, a lavish lunch was served to the guests.