Literary Week 2023 Annual Debate

Literary Week 2023

Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College, Faisalabad hosted a series of literary and debating events, demonstrating the commitment of institution to intellectual development and providing a forum for students to engage in thoughtful discourse. The three-day event featured Qirat, Naat, and English and Urdu debate competitions, all of which included distinguished judges and guests, enthusiastic participants, faculty members and students.

Qirat and Naat competitions

Annual Qirat and Naat Competition, organized by the Literary and Debating Society of Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College (AFMDC), Faisalabad were held on 22-08-2023.

The honorable chief guest was Dr. Saulat Nawaz, a well-known Radiologist and the Managing Director of Nawaz Medicare, Faisalabad and president of PMA, Faisalabad. Dr. Saulat Nawaz and Prof. Dr. Usman Latif served as judges for the Qirat competition, while Dr. Samreen Rasool, Asst. Professor Biotechnology, Akhuwat Institute, Faisalabad. Dr. Usman Ansari, associate professor of pathology, and Dr. Sajjad Ghani, assistant professor of biochemistry, served as judges for the Naat competition. All of the competitors in the Qirat and Naat competition were well-prepared and recited the verses of the holy Quran and Naats in the most beautiful way.

The recitation of verses from the holy Quran by Dr. Saulat Nawaz was a mesmerizing highlight of the event. Dr. Samreen Rasool, the Naat competition’s chief judge, also captivated the audience with a soulful Naat recitation.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed, the Principal of AFMDC, emphasized the importance of such events in his speech and extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests. The competition winners were presented with shields by the Principal AFMDC, and the judges were given college magazines and shields in their honor.

The winners of the Qirat competition are as follows:

Positions Male Female
1st position Muawwiz Abbas 1st year MBBS Rimsha Sahar 1st year MBBS
2nd position Haris Shabbir 1st year MBBS Ayesha Abid 1st year MBBS
3rd position Hafiz M. Sohaib 1st year MBBS Areej Babar 2nd year DPT



The winners of the NAAT competition are as follows:

Position Male Female
1st position Nauman Habib 1st year MBBS Khadija Yousuf 2nd year MBBS
2nd position Fazeel Tahir 3rd year MBBS Noor Fatima 2nd year DPT
3rd position Faizan Ali 4th year MBBS Somayya Mehmood Final year MBBS

English Debate Competition:

The annual English debate competition was held on August 23, 2023. The theme of the event was “Intolerance is the biggest menace to society.” The performances of the participants were evaluated by distinguished judges, including Professor Katrina Hurbik, Professor of Linguistics & Literature, SWPS University, Poland, Mr. Khaqan Ajmal, Assistant Professor of English literature, Government College Samanabad, Faisalabad, and Associate Professor Dr. Khurram Sohail Raja, HOD Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, AFMDC.

The students demonstrated a strong command over their arguments as they debated both in favor of and against the topic. The judges were impressed by the participants’ skills and acknowledged the quality of the debates. The principal of AFMDC Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed praised the participants for their efforts and provided encouragement for their future endeavors in debating. The judges also shared their thoughts and highlighted the key points raised by the participants.

Mr. Ijaz Hussain, the Executive Director of Sitara Chemical industries Private limited and a member of the board of trustees at AFT, graced the occasion and shared his perspectives on the topic. The winners of the debate were honored with shields presented by the esteemed guests, and souvenirs were also given to the judges.

The winners of English debate competition are as follows:

Positions Names
1st position Hussain Azhar 3rd year MBBS
2nd position Nayab Fatima 2nd year MBBS
3rd position Muhammad Anas 1st year MBBS





Urdu Debate Competition:

The college’s commitment to fostering intellectual rigor was evident in the Urdu debate competition. The event revolved around the theme “Woh Intizaar Tha Jiska Yeh Woh Sahar Tou Nahi.” Prof. Shahida Yousuf, professor of Urdu at Govt. Women College University, and Prof. Dr. Farah Amir, HOD Physiology, AFMDC, served as judges. Students eloquently presented arguments for and against the topic, showcasing their deep subject knowledge. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed, Principal AFMDC praised the participants for their strong arguments and congratulated the organizing team for the success of the event. Winners received shields, and the judges were honored with College Magazines and shields.

The winners of Urdu debate competition are as follows:

Positions Names
1st position Rameez ur Rehman  3rd year MBBS
2nd position Kamil Mamoon 1st  year MBBS

Faizan Arshad 2nd year MBBS

3rd position Danial  Wazir 1st year MBBS

Fizza Rasool 1st year MBBS

These events highlighted the college’s dedication to fostering a culture of intellectual exploration and provided a platform for students to showcase their skills and engage in meaningful discussions. The presence of esteemed guests, distinguished judges, and enthusiastic participants contributed to the success and impact of these events. The college faculty and students look forward to more such enriching endeavors in the future.