Principal Message

I am delighted to introduce Aziz Fatima Medical And Dental College (AFMDC) Faisalabad to You. AFMDC, is a private medical college in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located on West Canal Road in the old Ghafoor Bashir Children Hospital Building. It is a project of Sitara Group of Industries and is affiliated with University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore. Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College is affiliated wit Aziz Fatimah Hospital about 7 Kms from the college.

It is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council with an annual admissions quota of 100 MBBS students. The college incepted in 2011. It was one of 19 new medical colleges registered by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and the Ministry of National Regulation and Services in December 2012.

AFMDC is a progressive co-educational private college committed to provide quality and holistic medical education to all the students from inside and outside the country. It has quickly established a reputation for its academic excellence and caring environment. Here learning process is both thought provoking and enjoyable. Our students are encouraged to develop sound ethical values. Kindness, respect and politeness are instilled within a safe and nurturing environment.

Our aim is to develop future doctors who are socially responsible, caring and creative with good self-management and interactive skills. They should have significant contribution to the society through their honesty and dedication. We aim at setting high standards in education while maintaining a balance between wisdom and evidence based medicine. AFMDC is among those few private medical colleges which have been charging students exactly as per PMDC rules.

Hopefully in near future this medical college will be converted into a medical university. It’s nursing and paramedical college has already been approved. Its affiliated hospital recognized by college of physician and surgeon for post-graduation. BSC and MSC classes will start soon. Dear Students I hope you will enjoy 5 year of your stay with us in terms of curricular and extra-curricular activities.