Muhammad Adrees Chairman/Managing Trustee

I feel very pleased and exalted when I find myself heading an organization like Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College Faisalabad. Its performance, since its inception in 2011, has been excellent. Its growth and glory are vivid evidence of the efforts done by its management, faculty and students. We all have laid the foundation of an institution with the vision to excel in medical field and provide unparalleled health services to the community at large. I appreciate the untiring and un-matched efforts of all those associated to AFMDC in any capacity and at any position. The man, ever since his creation, has been aspiring and struggling to measure the limits of this universe, on the one hand, and calculate and utilize the ultimate faculties of his own mind on the other.

The wonders done so far, in all fields of life, by this super creature of the Almighty are the outcome of healthy human mind dwelling in healthy bodies. Maladies, since the first day, have been a continuous and disastrous threat to human health which not only hamper the routine growth and working of an individual but also prohibit the advancement and progression of a nation on the whole. Undoubtedly, the most researched and explored field of study, in human history, remains the study of human health, and centuries ago it had assumed the shape of a defined science. In the modern era, the fruits of the health researchers are being passed on to the ailing by the healthy administrators, physicians and surgeons. Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College welcomes the 8th batch of MBBS students.

It is heartening to note that this institution has established its name and fame by imparting quality education not only in terms of formal professional education but also has endeavored in character building of the future doctors. I do hope that with the arrival of new batch the vision, aims and objectives as perceived at the time of foundation would be fulfilled. I do hope that you will make all efforts to gain knowledge with its full application and prove to be a worthy citizen of this country. May Allah guide you and us in future nation building.Aameen. In the end, I assure my all-out help and support to AFMDC.