The Department of Anaesthesiology at Aziz Fatimah Hospital consists of nine operation theatres working simultaneously with well equipped latest medical & surgical equipments. The equipments includes latest state of the art Monitors for Sp02, NIBP Capnograph, ECG, Temperature and Invasive Venous and Arterial Monitoring, five imported Anaesthesia Machines (Dragger North America) along with four local made Anaesthesia Machines. There is round the clock cover by the Anaesthesia team including Senior Registrars who are physically present in the hospital for all surgical departments. Two medical officers along with a senior registrar cover is also present in hospital for the evening duty from 02:00 pm to 08:00 pm. One senior registrar and three medical officers stay in the hospital from 08:00 pm to 08:00 am for emergency cover. There is also a round the clock cover for five bedded surgical ICU. There is a seventeen bedded ICU equipped with patient monitors and latest ventilators which are ready for use as soon as the need arises.